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WEOMarketingImageOnline marketing for dentists

Today, your dental practice needs to compete for business in the digital sphere. Your prospective patients are going online to locate dental services and are finding more options than ever before. That’s why effective digital marketing can help your dental practice thrive.

Our partner, WEO Media, offers proven online marketing for dental practices that gets results, leveraging multiple channels to help you generate more appointments and new patients.

To reach current and new patients, it’s critical to have all your marketing tools working together. But you don’t have to be an expert in online marketing to grow your business.


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WEO Media’s dental practice marketing system integrates all the latest online marketing services for dentists:


Dental practice marketingDental websites

Most dental practice websites are set up once and rarely updated after that. Even worse, most dental websites are not optimized for search engine performance known as search engine optimization (SEO). With good SEO, a dental practice website will appear near the top of search engine results, helping new patients find you.

When you update your dental website more often, your search engine ranking will be higher. That means more new patients find and choose you as a dental provider. WEO Media’s website specialists can help you do this by providing new content on a regular basis.

WEO Media will ensure your brand comes through online as they customize your dental practice website to support your marketing goals. You can include information about your dental practice, your dentists and staff, any procedures you specialize in, featured products and contact information.

Your dental practice website can also include:


 Dental practice marketingSearch engine optimization (SEO)

Prospective patients are looking for you online. Make sure they can find you! Many dental practices don’t understand how to use SEO, or search engine optimization, to make sure prospects and patients can find their websites.

WEO Media’s SEO specialists can help your dental practice get to the first page of Google and other search engines. They use dozens of techniques to place your dental practice website higher in search engine results.

Choose from three levels of search engine optimization for dental websites: standard SEO, enhanced SEO and premium SEO. Standard SEO is included in all of WEO Media’s websites, and will produce good results for most dental practices.

For more competitive areas with higher populations, consider either enhanced or premium SEO, depending on the amount of online competition.



Dental practice marketingEmail marketing

Your patients have busy lives. Make sure they hear from you often, and in turn, they’ll remember to schedule regular cleanings and dental work more frequently.

In addition to electronic newsletters (link to automate business processes article), WEO Media can also help your dental practice implement email marketing campaigns. Send a special promotion or announce an event to existing patients, or target a geographic region for new patients. An expert team will help you create, send and track your email marketing campaigns, so you can see how your efforts paid off.


Dental practice marketingSocial media management

Nothing beats word of mouth advertising. And today, word spreads online. Help your patients recommend you to their friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels to gain new dental patients.

WEO Media’s social media management service helps your dental practice build and manage a Facebook page that you can use to “friend” your patients, announce special offers or events and even answer dental questions. They can also help you manage other social networking tools, like Twitter, that extend your reach and make it easier for your current patients to refer you to their friends.


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