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dental_claims_attachmentsPut an end to the hassle of developing and mailing images to payors

Looking for a way to automate the attachment portion of your daily dental claims processing? NEA’s FastAttach™ automates the transmission of attachments in support of dental claims to insurance carriers for processing via the Internet.

With NEA’s FastAttach™, you can send images without the cost and hassle of developing, packaging and mailing. Dental claims processing with FastAttach™ also works seamlessly within DAISY practice management software.

When used with DAISY’s insurance payments submission services (ERA) you can eliminate the manual claims submission process forever. Sign up today using promotion code DMCRZ1M and save $200 with free registration and one month free.

Dental claims attachments


Sending patient X-rays or other images required by payors with FastAttach will help your practice:

  • Save on mailing and postage
  • Increase productivity
  • Speed up claims processing

It’s never been easier or more affordable to sign up for NEA’s FastAttach™ and the savings to your practice extend far beyond the discount offered to practices with DAISY practice management software.

Signing up is as easy as visiting the DAISY NEA FastAttach™ page and following the instructions. 




What is NEA FastAttach™?

FastAttach™ enables healthcare providers to transmit attachments in support of electronic dental claims processing by insurance carriers via the Internet. NEA stores these attachments for future access by the payor when the claim is adjudicated. Types of attachments include: X-rays, lab reports, EOBs, narratives, operative reports, nurse and/or doctor notes, periodontal charts and any other document required to process a dental claim.

How does NEA FastAttach™work?

FastAttach™ securely transmits electronic claims attachments through the Internet to NEA’s repository. Once the attachment is received, a confirmation report is immediately transmitted back to the provider for tracking purposes. The electronic claims attachments are stored for insurance carriers and are available to their consultants for review.

Will NEA FastAttach™work with DAISY dental software?

Yes. As long as you have Windows 7 or higher. FastAttach™ works seamlessly from within the DAISY software.

How do I know if I need to send an attachment or not?

When processing a dental claim, a message box informs you which procedures need attachments for each insurance carrier.

How do the attachments get connected to my dental claims?

With your DAISY software and claims clearinghouse, you will connect your attachments to the claims automatically with a simple tracking number in the remarks section of your electronic claim.

If I have a digital system, will it work with NEA FastAttach™?

Yes. All digital X-ray systems can be easily transmitted for dental claims processing with FastAttach™.

If I have a digital X-ray system will I still need a scanner?

You will not need a scanner for X-rays, but you may want to keep an inexpensive scanner on hand that can scan documents such as periodontal charts, EOBs or color images, such as intraoral photographs.

How do I know which scanner or digital X-ray system is right for me?

For advice on which hardware to purchase, call us at 800-368-6401. A DAISY representative will provide you with comprehensive information and expert advice on both scanners and digital X-ray systems.

Is the quality of a scanned X-ray good enough for the insurance carrier consultant?

The scanned X-ray cannot make a bad X-ray good. Therefore, assuming you are using a good original X-ray, the scanned image will be better than a duplicate X-ray.


Signing up is as easy as visiting the NEA FastAttach™ page and following the instructions. Sign up today using promotion code DMCRZ1M and get free registration (normally $200) and one month free.

Dental claims attachments