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Integrated processing saves time and reduces clutter

When you have payment processing that’s integrated directly with your DAISY practice management software, your staff can spend more of their valuable time focusing on patients, and you can focus on growing your business.

DAISY and TSYS have partnered to bring you DAISY InCharge, an integrated, automated payment processing solution that can help you work more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.

  • Works seamlessly within DAISY
  • Increases payment processing accuracy
  • Saves time and boosts efficiency
  • Offers cost-effective payment processing


Automatic payment processing and posting

Now you can automatically post credit card and ACH (automatic clearing house) payments to DAISY practice management software, reducing the time spent processing payments. DAISY InCharge also eliminates the need to update and balance two systems.


Affordable transactions

With DAISY InCharge, you won’t need costly maintenance or point-of-sale equipment or phone lines. One streamlined card reader saves you desk space and makes clutter a thing of the past. You’ll also love our simple enrollment process, with no contract terms or cancellation fees.


Simplify common tasks

DAISY InCharge is fully integrated with DAISY, eliminating the need for your staff to keep two different systems in balance. Set up automatic recurring credit charges, and get daily gross deposits to your bank account. Fees are deducted at the end of the month, giving you the advantage of cash flow.


Safe and secure

The DAISY InCharge integrated system limits your potential for credit card embezzlement, since all transactions are connected to the patient’s account. InCharge is also fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) and HIPAA-compliant.


Trust the expertise behind TransFirst

TransFirst is one of the nation’s leading payment processing service providers. With years of experience, TransFirst is trusted by thousands of business owners and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for customer service.


Get InCharge today. For more information or to enroll, contact the DAISY InCharge team!

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