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EZsensorVatechComfort and durability in a digital intraoral sensor

Thousands of dentists around the world trust Vatech X-ray technology for high quality and advanced technology. So when you choose the EzSensor, Vatech’s latest digital intraoral sensor, you know you’re getting the best in digital X-ray imaging. You can also expect durability, patient comfort and ease of use for you and your staff.


Curious? Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to check out Vatech's EzSensor first hand.


Durable, comfortable design

Give your patients a better experience — and a better impression of your practice. The Vatech EzSensor was designed with rounded edges, so there’s less poking and prodding as your patient undergoes dental X-rays.

And it’s durable, too. The EzSensor features internal metal casing and shock absorption, living up to demanding operatory environments. The cable is reinforced for durability and flexibility.


Superior image quality

You can rely on top-quality Vatech technology to give you sharp, clear images. The EzSensor features Hybrid CMOS Technology, which includes an on-chip trigger, switching and redundancy signal. All this gives you better diagnostic images for better treatment.


Quick and easy to use

Digital technology always means that you get radiographic images quickly. But EzSensor further increases your staff’s efficiency in taking digital X-rays. The EzSensor works using a simple, plug-and-play USB, so you and your staff can spend less time with your equipment and more time treating patients.


Get help with all your radiography needs

DMC can help your entire practice go digital. Whether you need intraoral sensors, 3D cone beam imaging systems, computers, monitors or software, DMC can serve as your single-source solution.

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To learn more about Vatech equipment, installation and training, schedule a consultation with a DMC dental X-ray system specialist today.