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green pax-iSuperior diagnostic X-rays in just 5.9 seconds

Now you can choose Green CT for your dental practice. The Vatech PaX-i3D Green brings you the world’s first dental imaging system that has less impact on your patients and on the environment.

Your work is all about doing good — after all, you protect your patients’ health every day. The PaX-i3D Green helps you advance patient safety with lower-dose X-rays. But it’s also easier on the environment. Vatech’s Green CT manufacturing process reduces hazardous materials and runs on renewable energy.

• Low-dose 3D imaging
• 49 µm CMOS sensor for superior diagnostics
• 5.9-second rapid scan
• Multiple fields of view
• 2-in-1 Green CT: cone beam and panoramic
• 3-in-1 Green CT: cone beam, panoramic and cephalometric

Safer for patients
Just 5.9 seconds is enough to provide superior diagnostic images. With Green CT, you can perform ultra-low-dose imaging without sacrificing the quality of your scans. Vatech’s digital CMOS sensors are more sensitive — and much faster — than conventional X-ray systems. That means you’ll get better resolution with fewer motion artifacts . . . in less time.

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Superior diagnostic X-rays
With a pixel size of 49 µm, Green CT sensors give you some of the best imaging on the market. But the PaXi-3D doesn’t stop at higher resolution.

• Auto-switching between CBCT and panoramic sensors helps prevent accidental damage.
• A dedicated ceph sensor offers two images sizes: Lateral (perfect for orthodontics and maxillofacial surgeries) and Full Lateral (a 30% wider area for comprehensive diagnosis).
• MAGIC PAN* creates a better panorama image by removing distortion and blurs.
• One-shot ceph* gives you higher quality with a lower dosage.

Easier on the environment
Vatech’s engineers have taken the brand’s legacy of innovation to the next level with Green CT technology. In addition to eliminating hazardous substances from the device, Vatech also uses renewable energy for a lighter overall carbon footprint. In fact, the Green CT manufacturing process is compliant with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives.

Choose your view
When imaging, it’s important to target doses that are as low as reasonably achievable. The PaX-i3D Green lets you choose from multiple field of view (FOV) sizes to help make that happen.

• 5x5 cm
• 8x8 cm
• 10x8 cm
• 12x9 cm
• 16x10 cm

Easy-to-use software
Ez3D-i* is easy to learn and use, with powerful consulting tools that help your patients get on board with treatment plans. Volume rendering is easy and instant, and impressive visuals can walk your patients through treatment simulations.

Rely on DMC’s service and support
No matter what you need for your digital practice, you can turn to us. We’re experts in 3D dental imaging, software, computing and other dental equipment. Plus, our partnerships with leading manufacturers mean we can save you money.

When you purchase a new system, like the PaX-i3D Green, you can rest assured that we’ll provide excellent technical support whenever you need it — that’s commitment you won’t find with other vendors.

For more information about Green CT, get in touch with a DMC dental imaging specialist today.

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*Some product features are optional and require an additional purchase.