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DAISY can help guard against HIPAA dental violations, dental fraud and lawsuits

It’s more than a dental practice. It’s your work. Your future. That’s why your practice deserves to be protected at every level — right down to the software you run on.

As a dentist and business owner, you have to manage threats to your practice every day. These range from ensuring you won’t lose your dental records if your system crashes to protecting patient data from cyber hackers.

When you choose DAISY practice management system, you can rest assured that we’ve done the legwork to help you:

•    Maintain compliance with HIPAA dental laws
•    Protect your data from loss or theft and comply with dental records laws
•    Guard your business against embezzlement and dental fraud
•    Protect you against potential liability

Read on to learn how DAISY was designed to keep your business running safely.

Full data encryption
Did you know that cyber hackers target business in the health industry? Your dental practice is holding onto valuable patient data: names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and credit card information.

However, not all dental practice software is fully encrypted. That can put you at risk for theft, HIPAA violations and lawsuits. DAISY is fully encrypted, and credit card processing is integrated right into the software so that nothing is stored on the machine.

Want to learn more about DAISY?

If you don’t properly document your patient’s condition or treatment, you might be at risk for lawsuits or board sanctions. DAISY Chart is a top-notch clinical charting software that makes it easy to maintain records. DAISY Chart’s modules are designed to be fully defensible in court, helping protect you against liability.

Read more about DAISY Chart.

Redundant Backup Solution
Like most businesses, you probably take your data for granted. You get to work, log in, and all your information is there. But what if your system suddenly crashes? DMC’s Redundant Backup Solution (RBS) is the perfect complement to DAISY. It protects your critical records in two ways, with identical backups stored in two separate locations. It’s also HIPAA-compliant.

Get the details about DMC’s Redundant Backup Solution.

Secure DAISY Mobile
Your work follows you wherever you go. How do you get to your patient records when you’re out of the office? If you use a smartphone or tablet that downloads data, that could be bad news if your device is lost or stolen.

Dentists who use DAISY have a better option. DAISY Mobile gives you a secure, fully encrypted connection to your database, no matter where you are. And because there’s no data stored on your device, you won’t expose records if you lose it.

Learn how you can get DAISY Mobile.

Anti-embezzlement features
Businesses of any size or type are vulnerable to embezzlement — and it happens more often than we think. DAISY makes it easier to catch red flags for fraud. A permanent activity record, access controls and automatic reports can deter and reveal embezzlement. Simply put, when your office uses DAISY, it’s harder to hide cash payments, make account adjustments or deposit payments into a separate account.

Do you know all the ways embezzlement can happen at your practice?

Dedicated support, right in our office
When you rely on other software to support your practice, who supports you? We won’t send you to a call center or make you jump through hoops with an automated help line. That’s because we have DAISY experts who sit right inside our office in Milwaukie, Oregon. If they can’t solve your problem right away, they’ll ask our development team — they’re right down the hall.

DMC is always developing the latest technology to protect your data, your practice and your future. Ask us about our one-on-one training just for dentists. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about safeguarding your practice. To schedule a training session, we’re just an email away.

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