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There are many factors that influence the best way to train in each office. In some cases, the entire product is trained in a single visit. This allows you to be fully functional with your new dental software fairly quickly.

In other cases, it may be best to break the training into segments. This gradual approach allows the office to ease into the changes you are making. When your training is actually scheduled, further options will be discussed to maximize the process for your office.

Initial training for the DAISY system is generally completed in three to four days, depending upon the software components you purchase. Training can take place online, at DMC's training facility or on-site in your office. 

New employee? Do your new staff member a favor and provide them the best training possible by scheduling a session with one of our Trainers.

If you have a new staff member joining your practice and you already have DAISY software, we offer retraining sessions for new and existing staff. Retraining is done one on one with your office and is scheduled at a time convenient for you. Learning a new job is complex and in a dental office, there are many components to be covered.

To inquire about a training session, please contact us.