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Communicate with patients using easy, online tools from WEO Media

Your focus should be on your patients, not your outreach. Our partner, WEO Media, helps you stay on top of patient communication tasks that keep you in touch — and keeps your reputation glowing.

WEO Media’s marketing services for dentists requires very little time from your dental office staff, making patient communication virtually automatic:



Patient communicationElectronic newsletters

One of the most effective ways to keep patients is to stay in touch with them. WEO Media helps your dental practice produce electronic newsletters that stand out, are more frequently read and produce real results for your dental practice. Plus, electronic newsletters help remind your patients to schedule appointments.

WEO Media does the work — all you have to do is approve your electronic newsletters, with a single click.

Your custom electronic newsletter will showcase your unique brand and feature interesting articles. Edit as desired and replace short articles with special offers, announcements or one-question patient surveys. Or, save time and use the newsletter as it is. Send your electronic newsletter monthly or quarterly — whichever suits your dental practice needs.

You can easily track results through an online reporting system that shows you details such as how many recipients opened your e-newsletter and how many emails were undeliverable.


Patient communicationOnline surveys

Online surveys offer a quick and easy way to see what your patients are thinking. They help you understand how to improve patient satisfaction, gather feedback on new products or services, monitor your performance over time and identify areas for improvement.

WEO Media’s online survey tool for dentists helps you create and email surveys to your patients. Their responses are summarized for you online, so the process is simple for both you and your patients.

Combine online surveys with WEO Media’s reputation management service to get the best results for your dental practice.


Patient communicationReputation management

When your patients have praise for your dental practice, why not share it with the world? WEO Media’s online reputation management service for dentists gathers positive comments from online surveys and allows them to be easily posted online. These good reviews can be posted to your dental website, as well as to online directories.

WEO Media’s reputation management for dentists makes it easy to build an outstanding online reputation, encouraging potential patients to choose your dental practice when they search online for a dentist in your area.


Patient communicationOnline secure forms

Any staff member in a busy dental office knows the value of time. Online secure forms eliminate the need for patients to fill out forms in the waiting room, as well as the time it takes staff to re-enter data into practice management software.

WEO Media can take any form and create a secure online form that is easier for your patients to use and inputs the data directly into your dental software. Adopt a variety of secure online forms, including patient check-in, new patient registration, appointment requests, patient feedback and employee review.

You’ll love the increased productivity, lower costs and streamlined user experience secure online forms offer. 


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