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Computer hardware for dentists

Hardware and networking installation, training and support you can depend on

Investing in new computer equipment improves productivity and boosts your bottom line. DMC’s experts can help you select and install new hardware that’s exactly right for your unique practice, from computers and laptops to signature pads.

You’ll save the time associated with researching the right equipment. Plus, DMC will install equipment, train your staff, and integrate new hardware and software with existing equipment, so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible.


With DMC you get:

  • Complete hardware and networking solutions
  • Certified technicians with dental experience
  • An unbeatable warranty
  • Single-source technical support
  • 100% commitment to customer satisfaction

DMC realizes that it makes good business sense to purchase your dental software and hardware from the same source. That’s why we emphasize exceptional customer service that saves you time with a single phone call, whenever you need software or hardware support.


The latest computer equipment

DMC helps your dental practice select the latest, most up-to-date computer equipment and networking solutions.

Our experts will connect you with the appropriate chair-side workstations, front desk computers, monitors, keyboards, servers, mounts and accessories for your dental practice.

Practice management software for the front office 


Signature pads and scanners

Get everything you need to benefit from a paperless dental practice. DMC helps you select and install electronic and backlit signature pads, as well as desktop scanners.

This equipment helps you scan and organize your paper documents into digital files, making it easier for staff to find what they need and saving valuable space in your office.

Practice management software for the front office