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Find out what it takes for a complete digital X-ray system upgrade

You know it’s time to upgrade to the latest digital X-ray equipment, but sorting through the details can be daunting. Technology changes rapidly, so it’s important to choose the dental X-ray system and dental software that meets all your current and future dental practice needs.

Poorly functioning or out-of-date dental X-ray imaging equipment and software are major roadblocks to enjoying a modern digital practice. And upgrading your dental practice is much more involved than simply choosing a digital X-ray system.


Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to learn more about a seamless, cost-effective and worry-free transition to a fully digital dental practice.



To enjoy the advantages of digital radiography, you’ll need to consider:

  •  Computer hardware and networking upgrades 
  •  Network wiring and operatory monitor placement and installation 
  •  3D radiation shielding report 
  •  Training and support for your dental X-ray equipment and software 

Typically, you need multiple vendors for dental X-ray equipment, computer hardware, digital radiography software, dental software, operatory layout, installation, training and support. This frustrating process can make you feel in over your head.

The solution: Choose a single-source provider with a track record of successful digital X-ray imaging transitions to manage your entire dental X-ray systems upgrade.
A qualified single-source dental X-ray equipment provider should give you contact information for at least three of their most recent installations, so you can ask about real client experiences. Above all, make sure the digital radiography company you buy from will take care of every possible aspect of the transition — and get it in writing.

Get integration and support for a pain-free digital X-ray equipment upgrade

The Dentists Management Corporation (DMC) sells, installs and supports all the technology your dental practice needs for a complete dental X-ray imaging upgrade, including the highest-quality digital X-ray equipment, computer hardware and dental software, plus the electrical layout of your operatory. Our digital X-ray equipment and software upgrade specialists give you personal, on-site attention — so you can sleep soundly. 

DMC manages all components of a dental X-ray imaging upgrade:

  •  Troubleshooting problems and software update management
  •  Computer hardware and practice management software integration
  •  Dental X-ray imaging equipment setup and installation
  •  Training and ongoing support

When you choose DMC for your complete dental X-ray system, you can count on:

  •  One point of contact
  •  Personalized configuration
  •  Comprehensive training
  •  Minimal office closure
  •  Less stress

Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to learn more about a seamless, cost-effective and worry-free transition to a fully digital practice.