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Clinical Charting software, DAISY Chart
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Easily maintain clinical records with intuitive clinical charting software

Looking for the top dental charting software? Fully customizable, DAISY clinical charting software gives you complete control over how you enter patient records.

And because our dental charting software is fully integrated with your digital dental imaging software, you can easily acquire digital X-ray images and import them for immediate use.


To learn more about how DAISY's clinical charting software can dramatically increase productivity, request a request a free demonstration.

Clinical charting software


With DAISY's clinical charting software, you can:

  •  Expand your operatory capabilities and gain more control of your overall practice
  •  Encourage more patients to agree to treatment plans
  •  Enjoy more "face time" with your patients, improving their experiences


DAISY keeps all your records — including clinical records — just a click away. The following features come standard with DAISY and DAISY Chart, a powerful combination of top dental software that gives you more:


Hard tissue charting softwareHard tissue charting 

Hard tissue charting lets you chart existing restorations, create treatment plans, record completed treatment and add clinical notes chair-side. Plus, customizable “quick set buttons” help you easily access your most-performed procedures.

There's no need to enter information twice. Once you complete treatment in the patient's clinical chart, DAISY’s clinical charting software automatically generates a charge transaction for review and posting.

And your records are organized and accessible from every screen in the DAISY system.

See the hard tissue charting screen


Periodontal charting softwarePeriodontal charting 

Most periodontal charting software only gives you part of what you need. Collecting information accurately and consistently is critical to the success of your dental practice.

When you purchase DAISY Chart, we customize the periodontal charting software to reflect you and your staff’s preferred charting methods. Because DAISY's perio charting features conform to your unique way of recording measurements, your perio charts are uniform and easy to read.

See the periodontal charting screen


Periodontal charting softwarePeriodontal reporting 

DAISY’s periodontal reporting is better than any other clinical charting software on the market. DAISY Chart makes it easy to send a copy of the patient’s chart back to the referring dentist or attach it to electronic insurance claims

In the operatory, DAISY’s perio chart helps you illustrate important information to a patient. You can view reports, show your patient a comparison chart to demonstrate progress or deterioration of pocket depths, or choose from other view options that help you communicate with your patients.

See the perio comparison chart


Voice-activated charting softwareVoice-activated charting 

Have you ever wished you had an extra hand during a perio exam? DAISY’s perio charting is voice-activated, letting you speak instead of write. This tool frees your hands, helps you focus on your patient and lets you complete an exam without assistance.

DAISY’s voice-activated periodontal charting takes full advantage of Microsoft Speech capabilities. The hands-free perio charting software "learns" individual users' voices quickly and saves voice files by user name. All you have to do is log into the computer and the perio charting software will recognize your voice.

Show your patients that you’re up to date with the latest technology. If you’re looking for cutting-edge periodontal charting software, you owe it to your practice to demo DAISY’s voice-activated perio charting software.


Periodontal charting softwareDigital X-ray systems integration

One of DAISY's charting and practice management software’s most powerful attributes is its ability to work seamlessly with any digital dental imaging software.

Because DAISY integrates with more than 27 different types of X-ray imaging software and equipment, your digital equipment will work without the need to purchase custom bridges. 

And if you don’t currently have digital X-ray equipment in your practice, you’re secure in knowing that DAISY’s front office and charting software will work with whatever dental X-ray system you choose in the future.


Periodontal charting softwareAccess information from anywhere in the office

Have you ever wished you could get a quick look at a patient’s digital X-rays in the middle of treatment planning? DAISY's clinical charting software gives you quick access to all pertinent patient information, on demand, from anywhere in the office.

Just like DAISY’s front office software, no matter where you're working — even chair-side — you can communicate with the front office, generate referral letters or prescriptions, make changes to medical information, view the account ledger or insurance claims history and more.


Periodontal charting softwarePrescription writing features

When you're writing prescriptions, accuracy and convenience are critical. DAISY includes prescription writing freatures that help you avoid errors. It also lets you write prescriptions for your patients quickly and easily.

With DAISY Chart and DAISY’s front office software, you can record and print a prescription from any connected computer in the office. Or, if you have remote access, you have the option to record and print while working from home.

See the prescription writing screen


Periodontal charting softwareFully customizable

DAISY Chart gives you complete control over your soft and hard tissue charting and clinical records. To learn more about how DAISY's clinical charting software can dramatically increase productivity, request a request a free demonstration. 

Clinical charting software