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digital_x-ray_imagingLet DMC help you choose the best digital X-ray imaging for your practice

As a single solution for dental X-ray imaging equipment, installation, training and service, we have experience with just about every digital X-ray system on the market. Read on for our hot list of the top digital X-ray sensors, 3D cone beams and intra-oral cameras on the market.

Note: We do not recommend purchasing a digital X-ray system without consulting with a digital imaging expert first. When you’re ready to upgrade to one of the latest digital X-ray systems, make sure you get the information you need to ensure a successful digital X-ray equipment implementation.


Don’t hesitate to contact a digital X-ray systems expert at DMC if you have any questions about a product listed below. Our dental X-ray specialists will point you in the right direction by helping you select the right X-ray imaging equipment for your practice and your budget.


A few important considerations for a successful digital X-ray equipment implementation:

  • Onsite demonstration of the best of breed digital X-ray system for your practice (direct sensor or phosphor plate) based on imaging software.
  • Onsite review of all existing hardware (workstations, servers, printers)
  • Onsite review of all existing computer wiring, networking, data storage and security needs. Testing and calibrating all existing intra-oral X-rays for new digital imaging systems.
  • Training on your new digital X-ray equipment and imaging software.

Our experts can guide you through each of the above considerations. And you can count on DMC to save you money through one of our many digital radiography partnerships.


The top dental X-ray systems on the market:



Clio digital X-ray sensors

With the Clio X-ray sensor from SOTA Imaging, all you need is a touch-screen tablet and Cliosoft imaging software— and the rest is easy. Clio digital sensors and Cliosoft make taking dental X-rays as intuitive as using your smartphone.

Just tap the large, colored icons to capture, edit, and display your images. Your images will be sharp and clear each time.

SuniRay sensors for dentists


XDR digital X-Ray sensors

XDR provides industry-leading image quality, comfort and durability at half the price of other digital sensors. A high-quality digital X-ray sensor delivers excellent contrast and spatial resolution, as well as less graininess.

Rounded corners and a thin plate make the sensor more comfortable for patients. Plus, this durable sensor is waterproof, protected against fluids and contaminants.

The XDR Digital X-Ray sensor is completely plug-and-play. It connects directly to your equipment via USB, so you don’t need a digital box to convert your X-ray into a computer image. You can even plug it into your laptop and move it around the practice with you, without dragging extra boxes.

XDR digital densors


Vatech Digital Intra-oral EZSensor

Thousands of dentists around the world trust Vatech X-ray technology for high quality and advanced technology. So when you choose the EzSensor, Vatech’s latest digital intraoral sensor, you know you’re getting the best in digital X-ray imaging. You can also expect durability, patient comfort and ease of use for you and your staff.

Give your patients a better experience — and a better impression of your practice. The Vatech EzSensor was designed with rounded edges, so there’s less poking and prodding as your patient undergoes dental X-rays.

And it’s durable, too. The EzSensor features internal metal casing and shock absorption, living up to demanding operatory environments. The cable is reinforced for durability and flexibility.

XDR digital densors

 EVA Digital Intra-oral X-Ray System

EVA by AFP Imaging Corporation is the digital X-ray system that delivers big value. Backed by the proven reliability of thousands of installations, EVA offers a durable sensor coupled with the highest standard of technology.

EVA delivers crisp, clear radiographs with virtually any intraoral X-ray head. EVA’s value makes it an ideal choice for both large dental chains and value-conscious single practices. With the purchase of one EVA sensor and a few inexpensive docking stations, EVA can easily service more than one operatory.

EVA Digital Sensors


Vatech PaX-I panoramic X-ray

Upgrade to digital panoramic imaging with the Vatech PaX-i, from the no. 1 provider of digital radiography equipment for dentists. It’s affordable and easy to use, with a freestanding, compact design that fits easily into your office.

You’ll get Vatech’s superior image quality, with sharp and precise panoramic X-rays. Choose just the right image you need with five capture modes: standard, bitewing, orthogonal, TMJ and sinus.

XDR digital densors


Claris i4D intra-oral camera

Get the perfect combination of affordability and quality in an intra-oral camera. The award-winning Claris i4D intra-oral camera from SOTA Imaging was designed to help you show patients clear images of their mouth and teeth, so they can see exactly what you see order klonopin online .

Features include precision options, sliding focus, eight white LED lights and an easy USB connection.

XDR digital densors


IRIS intra-oral camera

You’ll love how the premium IRIS intra-oral camera feels, with its stainless steel design and smaller soft-tip.

Capture sharp images with a unique 5-point focus wheel, 8-point LED lighting and dual capture buttons. With a USB 2.0 connector, the IRIS intra-oral camera easily fits standard delivery tray slots.

XDR digital densors


One call for everything

At DMC, we take care of your practice from start to finish — from equipment selection, to installation, to support.

With more than 30 years of service to the local dental community, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your X-ray equipment was installed correctly the first time. Our products are always backed by our excellent customer service promise.

If you’re considering updating your dental X-ray equipment, you owe it to yourself to request a freeconsultation with one of our digital X-ray system specialists.


Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to learn more about a seamless, cost-effective and worry-free transition to a fully digital practice.