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iPhone dental ApplicationsThis mobile service for dentists lets you make appointments, write prescriptions and more from your smartphone or iPad

Your work doesn’t stop just because you’re out of the office. Patients call on the weekend or after hours, needing a refill or the next available appointment.

DAISY Mobile is one of the best mobile apps for dentists, giving you even more flexibility to continue to provide excellent care, no matter where you are.

Our dental mobile service for your iPhone, Android or Windows mobile device is fully integrated with your DAISY dental software.

This secure, subscription-based mobile dental software lets you access and edit information about your patients and schedule, directly from your smartphone or iPad.




This web application works with the most popular smartphones, including:

  •  iPhone 3 or later
  •  iPad
  •  Android 2.2 and later
  •  Windows Mobile, touch screen models (6.x)
  • BlackBerry

Mobile dental App


Mobile dental ApplicationsGet DAISY mobile dental software on your phone - anytime, anywhere

Take full advantage of a dental mobile service that gives you the flexibility to be away from the office. DAISY’s dental application for your smartphone puts the capabilities you need into the palm of your hand. You can refill a prescription from your child’s baseball game, check if a caller is a patient of record while you’re at a sporting event, or read recent clinical notes to assess a situation wherever you are.


DAISY's mobile service for dentists  lets you:

  • View, schedule and cancel appointments for new and existing patients
  • Create, edit and view patient clinical notes
  • View medical alerts, current medications and prescription history
  • Confirm a caller is a patient of record
  • Electronically prescribe from your smartphone (enrollment in eRx required)

Mobile dental ApplicationsEdit schedules and clinical notes

Our latest version of DAISY Mobile is fully integrated with DAISY. Now you can edit schedules, clinical notes and prescriptions, rather than simply view them all directly from your smartphone or iPad.


Mobile dental ApplicationsIntegrated with DAISY


Gone are the days of calling your office staff to tell them you scheduled a patient or refilled a prescription. The information you enter into DAISY Mobile on your smartphone is automatically updated in DAISY at your practice. Schedule a patient after hours for the first available appointment, and it will automatically be updated in DAISY when you get back into the office.


Mobile dental ApplicationsPrescribe electronically from your mobile phone

Combine DAISY's mobile application for dentists  with our new, optional e-prescribing service, eRx for DAISY, and you can create and refill prescriptions — right from your smartphone! eRx for DAISY also lets you access the current prescription information within DAISY for a patient.

Mobile dental App


Mobile dental ApplicationsCheck patient records


When you receive an emergency call away from the office, you can easily verify that the caller is a patient of record. This helps you avoid fraudulent drug seekers. DAISY Mobile shows you a list of your patients and their contact information, prescriptions and medical alerts. Now it’s easy to follow up on surgeries and review any unusual reactions.


Mobile dental ApplicationsHIPAA-protected patient data


The patient data you view and access through DAISY's mobile dental software application is considered protected health information under HIPAA regulations. When used properly, DAISY Mobile provides HIPAA-compliant security. We strongly recommend that you password-protect your mobile phone.


Mobile dental ApplicationsGive your entire practice access

You only need to purchase one subscription to DAISY Mobile — and then enjoy an unlimited number of users under one contract! DAISY Mobile ensures that the access controls you have set for each staff member in DAISY are the same when using the smartphone service. This helps you maintain security when making prescriptions or editing records.


Sign up for DAISY Mobile today and start enjoying all the benefits of this time-saving dental mobile application.

DAISY Mobile is a web-based mobile dental service, so there’s no software to download or install, other than a quick access icon. Best of all, DAISY’s mobile serviceis only $9.95 a month! Register now, or call Rebecca Lanxon at 503-705-9243.


Mobile dental App