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The dental landscape has changed and the equipment used by yesterdays dental practices just doesn't cut it anymore. That's why DMC wants to introduce you to what the latest digital radiography equipment has to offer.

See for yourself how today's digital devices work and get your questions answered by DMC's top digital X-ray specialist. Demo the latest digital radiography equipment on the market and discover what you've been missing.

Each year DMC attends dental conferences in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. Secure time at one of these events with a dental software specialist for one-on-one insider tips, tricks and strategies as well as the secrets to becoming a completely paperless practice.

If you don't catch us at a dental conference this year, be sure to check our dental software events page regularly. We often post information about special in-house events, upcoming webinars and live demonstrations for DAISY compatible software and services.

Our computer equipment and dental software specialists are eager to share their real in-the-trenches answers to your nagging tech problems. These events are rare, but they can alert you to new opportunities, give you fresh ideas, and show you there's more than one way to profit from the technology available to today's dentists.


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