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Vatech Master3DSComplete 3D cone beam imaging for dental specialists

Enjoy having advanced Vatech 3D technology at your fingertips. The Master 3DS is a complete cone beam imaging system that gives you a flexible field of view and lets you choose the appropriate voxel size for your needs.

This Vatech dental X-ray system is perfect for:

  • Oral maxillofacial surgeons
  • Orthodontics
  • Implantologists
  • Ear, nose and throat specialists


The American Dental Association recommends that dentists use technology that delivers exposure “as low as reasonably achievable.” The Vatech Master3DS helps you achieve this goal by offering flexible FOV sizes for cone beam X-rays:

  • 16x7 cm
  • 16x10 cm
  • 20x15 cm
  • 20x19 cm


Enjoy a flexible field of view

Select the field of view that’s right for you. It’s important for dental professionals to limit imaging to only the region of interest, thereby reducing liability for unrelated medical issues. With flexible FOV sizes, you can ensure that you’re only imaging what you need. Plus, limiting the FOV also minimizes radiation dosage.

  • FOV S Mode (20x19 cm and 20x15 cm) — With a single scan, get a 3D view of the entire oral and maxillofacial region, including TMJ, sinus and airways.
  • FOV I Mode (16x10 cm) — Check the full jaw, TMJ and occlusion at the same time.
  • FOV D Mode (16x7 cm) — Get a 3D image of the region of interest, including the upper/lower jaw, occlusion and TMJ. You can also see detailed images of implants and impacted teeth.


Choose the voxel size that fits the diagnosis

With the ability to choose the voxel size, the Vatech Master 3DS makes it easier for dental professionals to get what they need. At 0.164 mm, the smallest voxel size delivers the highest resolution for crisp, clear dental X-rays. Larger voxel sizes at 0.3 and 0.4 mm deliver excellent diagnostic quality, with a smaller file size and faster reconstruction time.


Get a short reconstruction time

Reconstruction time for cone beam images with the Vatech Master 3DS is shorter than ever. Get amazing 3D images in just 9 to 51 seconds. When you get dental images faster, you can move on to more important tasks — like treating your patients.


Count on DMC for 3D imaging systems

Whether you need just the right 3D cone beam imaging system or need to upgrade to a fully digital practice, Dentists Management Corporation is your single source solution. Rely on DMC to:

  • Provide you with savings through partnerships with leading manufacturers
  • Help you select the best panoramic and/or cone beam technology and the field of view that’s right for you
  • Make sure your current technology works with your new X-ray system
  • Provide legal reporting to protect you, as radiation laws vary by state
  • Give you exceptional technical and customer service support that you won’t find with other vendors


To learn more about the Vatech Master 3DS, installation and training, please schedule a consultation with a DMC dental X-ray system specialist  today.

Vatech Master 3DS

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