Dr. Suni Plus sensors — the world’s thinnest digital X-ray sensors


DrSuniSensor2Dr. Suni Plus sensors

When you can deliver the best, most comfortable dental visit experience, you can ensure that patients keep coming back — and boost your dental practice’s bottom line.

The Dr. Suni Plus system delivers the world’s thinnest sensors for intraoral dental X-rays, making it a superior choice for dental X-ray imaging equipment. That means more comfort for your patients and a better reputation for your practice.

Plus, the Dr. Suni Plus digital radiography system is durable, reliable and easy to use — and it comes with a three-year standard warranty. Dr. Suni Plus works seamlessly with DAISY practice management software and features tools to help you better diagnose your patients.

Curious about Dr. Suni? Contact a digital X-ray specialist and check out Dr. Suni sensors first hand.


The world’s thinnest sensors

Dr. Suni Plus sensors are perfectly designed to deliver maximum comfort. They are the thinnest sensors in the world, making the process of capturing dental X-rays less awkward and more comfortable for your patients. Sensors are flexible and easy to position. They also feature rounded corners that eliminate the poking and prodding of sharp corners in your patients’ mouths.


Built to last

Dr. Suni Plus sensors come with a three-year standard warranty. The unique design of their ultrasonically sealed outer casing makes these sensors extremely reliable and durable. A reinforced strain relief cable gives you an even more rugged digital radiography system.


Three thin sizesDrSuniPlusSensors

Ultra-thin Dr. Suni Plus sensors come in three different sizes to better fit a range of patients.



Easy to use and integrate

Dr. Suni Plus sensors are simple to use. They connect easily to any PC in your practice via USB, so you can take them with you as you move from operatory to operatory. And Suni Advanced Imaging Software is incredibly intuitive, making diagnosis easier than before.

Quickly view and paste all your dental X-ray images into other programs using Suni’s image bar that floats alongside your practice management software and other applications. The Dr. Suni Plus system integrates seamlessly with a variety of dental practice management software, including DAISY.


Check out Suni Plus technology first hand

Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to learn more about Dr. Suni Plus sensors and how to enjoy a seamless, cost-effective and worry-free transition to a fully digital practice.