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NewTom3D_Cone_Beam_NewSet a higher bar with 3D cone beam imaging

Now you can subject your patients to less radiation during dental X-rays than before. NewTom Cone Beam 3D Imaging sets the standard of care in 3D maxillofacial imaging.

Cone beam dental X-ray systems deliver crisp, clear images with less exposure to radiation than traditional CT scans. 3D imaging also helps you identify problems that can be very serious, such as airway obstructions and soft tissue abnormalities.


NewTom Cone Beam 3D also gives you:

  • Dental X-ray images that are easy to share
  • Precise 1:1 scale imaging
  • NewTom NNT analysis software that helps you create and use various types of 3D images
  • Compatible with all implant software vendors


Incredibly clear digital X-ray imaging

NewTom cone beam scans deliver the smallest possible focal spot, so you get crisp, sharp dental X-rays. You’ll see more detail with no image scatter or artifacts, thanks to an innovative rotating anode. Because you and your patients can better visualize the cranial anatomy, you can provide better information and a more informed diagnosis to your patient.

NewTom 3D cone beam also offers precise 1:1 scale imaging. This eliminates the errors from magnification that are common when using cephalometric dental X-ray equipment.


3D cone beam vs. CT imaging

Cone beam 3D imaging exposes your patients to less radiation than medical CT (CAT scan) imaging. That’s because while CT uses a narrow beam that rotates around the patient many times, 3D cone beam imaging uses a unique cone-shaped beam to get the entire image in a single pass. Cone beam also delivers more accurate dental X-rays because it does not contain gaps in information, as CT does. It’s the superior digital radiography solution.













Increase patient safety with SafeBeam™

You value the safety of your patients and your staff. SafeBeam™ technology is the safest digital X-ray imaging technology available, and it’s only found in NewTom dental X-ray equipment. SafeBeam adjusts the dosage of radiation automatically, according to your patient’s age and size. While other systems use a constant stream of radiation and do not adjust for patients of different sizes, NewTom 3D cone beam uses intermittent bursts of radiation that last only milliseconds.



More comfortable experience for your patients

All NewTom dental X-ray imaging equipment are designed with patient comfort in mind. Helping a patient remain calm during digital X-ray scans will limit movement and result in better image quality.


Check out NewTom 3D technology first hand

Contact a digital X-ray systems specialist today to learn more about NewTom 3D imaging and how to enjoy a seamless, cost-effective and worry-free transition to a fully digital practice.